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What makes Alveus the best choice?

Premium Quality

Only with the finest ingredients we can guarantee our products' PREMIUM quality

Leaders in Innovation

Thanks to our extensive international infrastructure, we oversee and optimize all processes daily.

Leaders in Customer Satisfaction

Beyond being mere tea suppliers, we serve as partners in your journey towards achieving your goals.

The Ultimate OnlineShopping Experience

Discover our extensive catalogue of teas, infusions, and premium accessories, accessible 24/7 from anywhere, delivering unparalleled convenience.

+1500 teas, blends, and infusions

We have the biggest range of teas in the world and the largest variety of organic teas and infusions.

Optimal Supply Chain

We provide top-tier logistic solutions for order storage, preservation, and dispatch, boasting the fastest delivery service on the market.

Personalised Assistance

Our multilingual team ensures effortless communication, offering close, personal assistance that is consistently available to satisfy your needs.

Custom Blends

Dare to be different by creating your recipes. Make a difference and establish an exclusive and unique bond with your customers!