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Article number: 73117


With Alveus Elements, we are presenting our worldwide bestsellers in a new, elegantly designed packaging. Our most popular tea blends will inspire you visually and with every sip. Expect to taste teas, herbal teas, infusions, Rooibos and chai of the highest quality. Includes 6 units of each of the 12 Elements flavors packaged in high-quality tins with an exclusive design: Amour Provence ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72467 Blackberry Tango 100g - Ref: 72465 From Paris with Love 100g - Ref: 72474 Jasmin Imperial ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72471 Lady Star Deluxe 100g - Ref: 72472 Marrakesh Nights ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72462 Mellow Mandarine ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72463 Morning Melody 100g - Ref: 72461 Smiling Budha 100g - Ref: 72475 Summer Miracle ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72466 Sweet Berry ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72468 Women's Power ORGANIC 100g - Ref: 72470 The promotional price (-11,29%) is subject to the format of this pack of 72 units, neither the products nor the quantities of each of them can be exchanged.